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Information about Woodbio:

Facta sheet about WoodBio can be found here

Videos from the NordBio Kick of meeting that was held in Reykjavik (5 February 2014) can be found here

(02/09 2014) Video: The Sandlaekjarmyri research site in S-Iceland from above (©

(12/09 2014) SNS News and Views, Presentation of the WoodBio project


Recent Publications related to wood biomass and bioeconomy:

(20/04 2015) American Companies Are Shipping Millions Of Trees To Europe, And It’s A Renewable Energy Nightmare










(11/03 2014)  Creating value from bioresources – Innovation in Nordic Bioeconomy

(30/06 2014) Wood-based energy in Iceland – believe it or not! (from Metla)

(22/09 2014) Everything made from oil can be made from wood  (From Aftenposten in Norwegian)

(13/11 2014) New publication from EFI on the future of the European forest-based sector  The future of the European forest-based sector

(28/02 2015) Skogen är nyckeln till en utvecklad bioekonomi (The forest is the key to a developed bioeconomy) in Swedish from Västerbottens-Kuriren