The main objectives

Project Work packages (WP):

WP 1.

Mapping and analyzing the present state of the utilization (use) of wood biomass, in the Nordic countries.

1.1. Mapping the importance of wood biomass as an energy source in the Nordic countries

1.2. Study the future demands of wood biomass, focusing on the on-going  utilization, firewood, chips, pellets, etc. (excluding the wood biomass needs for the next generation biofuel as it will be tackled in WP3)

1.3. The economic impact of wood biomass as an energy source in the Nordic bioeconomy

1.4. Study the import/export of wood biomass to the Nordic countries (e.g. pellets from USA and Canada on Nordic market)

WP 2.

Cultivation of wood biomass, potential and future perspectives, business as usual and/or high productive forest management.

2.1. Study the wood biomass supply from conventional timber harvesting operations (harvesting residue)

2.2. Initiating research project dealing with high productive forest management, using betula, poplar, hybrid poplar and hybrid aspen in the Nordic countries

2.3. Workshop held in Iceland on the outcome of the Woodbio project

WP 3.

Study the advance of new biomass-based technologies,  e.g. next generation of biofuel,  bio-chemicals and bio-materials

3.1. Mapping the developing industries (Innovation) utilizing wood biomass in the Nordic countries

3.2. Study the supply and demands required for new developing industries utilizing wood biomass (and Lignocellulose in general) e.g. demands of the advanced biofuel industry in the coming future (2020, 2050)